Thursday, March 28, 2013

 Anniversary Trip 2012

Kathleen and I spent our anniversary last year (September 18th, 2012) on a short trip to Buena Vista, Colorado to stay in a Bed and Breakfast.  It was a great time for us, 34 years.  We drove for Denver going over Kenosha Pass.  We stopped at the summit of Kenosha Pass and walked through the aspen stands which were in full autumn color.   It had rained and lightly snowed the previous night which left a blanket of aspen leaves on the forest floor shining with dew drops, Perfect!

 Here is Kathleen kicking up some leaves from the forest floor ;O)>.  Even with all these leaves on the ground, there is still a colorful display of aspen gold in the hills!

Here is Larry admiring the beauty of nature.

After Kenosha Pass we drove over to Buena Vista to our Bed and Breakfast lodging and checked in.  We then drove up to Cottonwood lake and took a few more photos.  We ended the day on the porch of the B&B and watch ta beautiful sunset over Mount Princeton, a great way to end our day.

Needless to say we had a great anniversary and are looking forward to more to come.