Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Year 2015 plus a little 2014

From the last part of 2014 through the year 2015 I did a lot  of shooting and testing of various Sigma cameras and lenses.  The Sigma cameras I shot were:  DP1 Merrill, DP0/1/2/3 Quattro, Sigma SD1 Merrill with the 50 mm F:1.4 ART lens and several other lenses.  This blog entry is meant to showcase a few of the image I made during this time and is sorted by hardware type, starting with the SD1M and the 50 mm ART lens.  This is not the results of my testing of these cameras and lenses, but is a gallery showing example images of what each hardware combination is capable.

The 50 mm F:1.4 ART lens is by far the best lens I have used on the SD1M and will match the results  from the DP3M or Q for detail capture and micro contrast.  It is a large and heavy lens and does an excellent job on auto focus on the SD1M,   

50 mm F:1.4 Art Lens
Sigma SD1 Merrill
Pine Tree at Red Rocks

Bee exiting a Cactus Blossom

The next 2 images were mad with the DP1 Quattro camera.  The colors produced from the Quattro cameras are more vibrant than the colors from the Merrill cameras and have the Quattro images more more pop.  The Quattro's strange body shape fits well in my hands and is easy to hold and shoot.

Sigma DP1 Quattro
Denver's Union Station

Graffiti in Downtown Denver

The next 3 images were shot with the DP2 Quattro.  These also show the rich colors that are obtained with the Quattro sensor.
Sigma DP2 Quattro
Heritage Square Amusement Park

Red Rock Lake Panorama 

My Favorite Priest 

The next 3 images were shot with the DP3 Quattro and again show the great color the sensor is capable of capturing.

Sigma DP3 Quattro
Pink Dahlia

Wild Roses

Pink Dahlia and Grasshopper

The next 3 images were shot with the DP0 Quattro.  The DP0 may be the best of the Quattro series in terms of image quality and ease of use.  I could do a whole blog segment on this one camera which I only had for 3 days.  It produces clean images and great OOC jpegs.  Loved it!

Sigma DP0 Quattro
View of the Maroon Bells

Sunset a Kendrick Park Lake

Fall Image at a Pond

This is an image made with the DP1 Merrill.  

Sigma DP1 Merrill
Tree and Monument at Arches NP

The remaining image of the gallery were shot with my SD1 Merrill and various lenses.

Sigma SD1 Merrill
and Various lenses
Dead Horse Point with the 18-35 mm Art lens

Colorado Lavender Fields 18-35 mm Art lens

Sleeping Bull Elk 50-500 mm OS lens

Two Bull Moose 50-500 mm OS lens

Red Rock Lake Pano 18-35 mm Art lens

Maroon Bells 18-35 mm Art lens

Taylor Reservoir Pano 18-35 mm Art lens

Swallow Tailed Butterfly 105 mm OS lens

Grasshopper and Bees on a Dahlia Bloom
105 mm OS lens

2014 and 2015 were great years for me shooting photos around the western US.  In a later post I will put up a baker's dozen of the best images from Kathleen and me for 2015.  I hope you enjoyed this short exploration of the great cameras and lenses from Sigma!