Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012 California Road Trip

Part IV Morro Bay and Central California Beaches

Morro Bay is a beautiful town situated on the central California coast with a nice marina.  The prominent feature of the bay is the large rock in the middle of the bay called Morro Rock.  We spent most of a morning exploring and photographing around Morro Bay and had late breakfast or early lunch at a restaurant on the marina overlooking the bay.
We drove out to Morro Rock in the morning and were greeted with nice surf and sunny skies.

The view from the base of the Rock looking north
the ocean waves pound the rocks at the base of the Rock.
This surfer is enjoying the mild surf, although it is a little windy.
A view of the rock from the marina.

Main street in Morro Bay

A hungry brown pelican waiting for the fish market to open.
The fish market from the marina side.
 A couple of boats moored at the the marina.
That is Larry grabbing a photo of the Morro Rock and the bay.
Here is the photo he captured
Kathleen on the dock with the Morro Rock in the background.
Kathleen liked the texture and pattern in this eucalyptus tree bark.
Kathleen also liked the color contrast in the foliage capture.
This is the beach on the north side of Morro Bay.
From Morro Bay we headed north on scenic Highway 1 heading toward San Simeon and Big Sur.

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